Your Home is Your Haven

Never has the saying “Your home is your haven” been more true.  Since March of 2020, the entire world has been grappling with an unforeseen pandemic that threw Americans into a free fall.  We have dealt with shortages of food and ordinary supplies, coupled with challenges with supply chains affecting manufacturing.  Everyone is at home.  No toilet paper or water bottles were to be found for months on end!  Many companies had to adapt to the new norms, with 71% of employed people working from home during this pandemic and abstaining from the physical workplace.  As the pandemic presses on, fears of current virus and its variants are causing people to wonder if we are headed toward another inevitable shutdown.  

Whether or not you are working from home, you have almost certainly spent more time in your home these past 15 months than ever before.  Since we are not going out nearly as much as pre-pandemic times, home water usage has increased 21% during the pandemic.  If you think about it, it makes sense.  People are running their appliances daily now that they are holed up inside.  Laundry machines, dishwashers, sinks, drinking water instead of plastic bottles (because you can’t find them at the grocery stores!) and of course cooking at home because restaurants were closed or in various stages of being open.   You want your home to be comfortable, safe, healthy.  Soft, filtered water from Kinetico Water Systems will safeguard your appliances, pipes, fixtures on a 24/7 basis, while filtered, purified drinking water will not only taste delicious, but it will be free of 99.9% of contaminants. Many people do not realize the benefits of having a home water softener unit or a reverse osmosis (RO) unit for drinking water.  If you have hard water, you are inadvertently decreasing the life span of all of your appliances.  Mineral build up and sediment can decrease the efficiency of your appliances as well as cause clogged pipes like cholesterol in your veins, thereby reducing water flow.  Hard water can fade clothing over time.  Dishwashers using hard water can leave your clean dishes marked with calcium residue, which is otherwise known as hard water spots. Eventually hard water will increase your costs through excessive use of cleaning agents, expensive repairs, or premature replacement of your appliances.  Hard water can also affect your hair and nails.  Excess calcium and magnesium coats your skin and hair, leaving them feeling dry, brittle, chapped.   For over 40 years, Kinetico Water Systems has been in the business of bringing you the highest-quality water available for your home and personal use.  What sets Kinetico apart?  Kinetico’s patented design enables water softeners to deliver soft water 24/7, without hard water breakthrough and regardless of deman.  Kinetico water softeners are one of the most efficient softeners on the market:  these non-electric systems use 1/3 the salt and water of our competitors, and are demand generated based on your water consumption, so there are no electronic components to fail or reprogram.  Our systems also have a high flow rate, which means no matter how big your home is, you will not have to worry who is showering or how many other water appliances are being used at once.  Your water flow and pressure will be unaffected.  All of this is backed by Kinetico’s industry-leading comprehensive warranty—10 years on all parts on residential units—giving you peace of mind.  That’s the Kinetico Difference In a class of its own, maintenance-free Kinetico system will provide you and your household an unlimited amount of clean, soft, filtered water.  Give us a call or sign up for a free onsite water consultation.  Sources: Pew Research Healthline Pacific Institute Iern Air