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H20. Water. Agua.

With our simple water softening system, you can begin enjoying the benefits of soft water right away.  What’s more, you’ll be protecting your family and home from unwanted, harmful, and corrosive contaminants in the water.

No more dry skin and hair, hard water spots, premature failure of water heaters, stiff or dingy clothes, green or rust stains—just soft, filtered water 24/7.  Plus, our water softening systems can protect your home’s pipes, water heater, dishwasher, fixtures, marble and granite surfaces, flatware and glassware, as well as your family’s skin, hair, and clothes.

What’s in your water?  It only takes a few minutes to take our free in-home water test.  You’ll get results on the spot, and we can help you choose the right water conditioning system for your home and budget.

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Our water softeners will protect you and your home by having soft, filtered water running through your pipes 24/7.

By filtering out the harmful contaminants, KInetico Specialty Water Filters will return your H2O to its cleanest state

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The K5 is guaranteed to remove more contaminants than any other system
on the market.