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Do I need a Whole-House Iron Filter for My Well Water?

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Iron is everywhere. It’s been one of the most important materials in human lives for centuries and it crops up in just about every sphere of life. There’s iron in your car, in your kitchen implements, your watch, your laptop and maybe the fabric of your house. Iron is a wonderful thing. BUT – and perhaps you knew there was going to be a but – it gets in places where you don’t want it. In your water supply, for instance. If you use well water, it is likely to contain more iron than it should, because it gets there through seepage. Decay sends it into the soil and rain takes it down into the well, to re-emerge in your house where you don’t want it. An iron filter for well water can take iron out of the equation, and that has many benefits because iron can cause many problems. Read More

What problems can Iron in Well Water Cause?

That metallic taste you get in water sometimes: that’s iron. It can ruin a hot drink or food made with water. The red/brown stains you see on hardware that has water running through or over it consistently: sinks, bathtubs, etc. Stains on clothing clogged pipes. Slime. Damage to pipes and household appliances. Yes, iron is a great thing, but it has its vices.

Why not just get rid of the Iron in my Drinking Water?

That would solve one problem but leave you with all the others. You’d be able to drink a lovely, healthy cup of green tea while you contemplate the need to solve all those other issues too. That’s why the best idea is to get a whole-house iron filter for well water.

We can advise you on this. We at De Anza Water Conditioning have been solving these problems for years, and it is our mission to banish the problem of iron in well water for every household in our part of California. If you’re in our area, we can test your water, show you the results immediately, then advise you on which of our systems will be ideal for you. We will supply and install the best Kinetico whole-house filter that money can buy.

How Much Disruption Will Setting Up Iron Filters for Well Water Cause?

Our trained technicians will get your installation done with the minimum of disruption, tucked away in the most practical place and purifying your water from day one. We know what we’re doing, with iron filters for well water because we’re a family firm that has been in this business for a long time, and we use only the best: Kinetico Home Water Systems. They are guaranteed to get rid of the iron in your water, and you will see/smell/taste the difference in your appearance as well as all the other things, because iron in your water can cause discoloration to hair and make skin flaky. That’s two more reasons to get one of our iron filters for well water systems.

How Soon Can We Get The Iron Filters for Your Well Water?

Call us for the best water conditioning service and arrange a visit to check your water supply and we’ll discuss the best water conditioning system for you and get on it right away. Other than iron filters, we also supply acid neutralizer, arsenic filter for well water, etc. Read Less

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H2O, Water. Agua. Few elements are as essential to healthy living as clear, clean, fresh water. In our homes, we often take fresh tap water for granted, assuming that when it’s clear, it’s clean. Unfortunately, hard minerals, pharmaceuticals, and disinfectants like chlorine and chloramine, as well as other contaminants are invisible. Simply put, water isn’t what it once was.

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For most businesses fresh, clean, soft water is not just a “nice to have”—it’s a “need to have.”

Whether you’re a small business or a large commercial enterprise, cooking, cleaning, washing, serving, cooling, or manufacturing, we understand that clean, soft, filtered water is essential to the success of your business.

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We are very pleased with the product and the installation. Yes, it’s pricey. However, it exceeds our expectation and we feel we have received more than enough value for the money we spent. Mike Munns, the installation tech, was courteous, efficient, and cleaned everything up when he was done. The installation is very professional, including patching the drywall that was removed to access the pipes…We are very pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of getting water conditioning equipment.

Jay M. San Jose, CA

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