Why do you need a residential water softener for your home?

Ever notice white deposits forming on your pots and pans? Feel like you’re shelling out more money on plumbing? Realize that your skin feels leathery and hair feels dirty no matter how many showers you take? You need a water softener.

Hard water is softened by removing calcium, magnesium, iron, and manganese. As the water enters the resin bed in the softening system, these cations are replaced with sodium ions through ion exchange. The amount of time necessary to fill a resin bed is dependent on the water usage and the number of people in the household. However, once the resin bed is full, salt must be added to “clean” the resin so the ion exchange process can restart.

A Kinetico water softener will protect your home by removing hard water spots, caring for your electric appliances, eliminating rust or stains, taking away bad tastes and odors. Additionally, you and your family will notice softer skin, healthier hair, and cleaner clothes.

Want to find out what’s in your water? Contact De Anza Water Conditioning today for a free in-home water test. You’ll get results immediately, and we can assist you in choosing the right softening system for your home and budget.


Well Water Softener


City Water Softener

Whether your incoming water is from the city or a well, our twin-tank, non-electric Kinetico water softeners will effortlessly remove hardness-causing minerals from your water. A metered, demand-generated system, our softeners will only regenerate when necessary, eliminating the need for timers and other electronic parts that can impede performance and complicate service. Furthermore, the system will supply soft water 24/7 even during regeneration.

Because well water often brings with it a host of unwanted substances, we offer a choice of highly effective filtration media including Macrolite Ceramic Media or Calcite. Macrolite removes fine particulate matter to protect plumbing, appliances, fixtures, and clothing. Calcite neutralizes water’s pH level to eliminate blue-green staining and corrosion of plumbing and appliances. Certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA), combined with an unmatched 10-year warranty on all parts, Kinetico’s water softeners and filters offer a simple solution for your problem water.