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Get Rid of All Problems Affecting Your Water with a Kinetico RO System

At De Anza Water Conditioning, we can tackle any problems you might have with your water supply. If you’re frustrated because you’re dealing with hard water, we can install Kinetico water softener to eliminate those excess minerals. If you want drinking water systems for home or commercial places, we can add a filter to that system. But if you want the best possible water treatment, you’ll want to try Kinetico reverse osmosis. Kinetico reverse osmosis is the best option for any homeowners who want to be as sure as possible that they have the cleanest, purest, most uncontaminated water. It’s the ideal choice for cautious parents and health-conscious adults who watch everything they put in their bodies. It’s an excellent way to improve the taste, hygiene, and practicality of your water supply. And thanks to Kinetico craftsmanship, when you buy one of our systems, there’s a decent chance it’ll outlive you!

How Does a Kinetico Reverse Osmosis System Work?

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Reverse osmosis might sound complex, but it’s really just using membranes to block everything besides water molecules from reaching your tap. Think of the process as a series of increasingly small strainers that capture increasingly small contaminants in your water supply. The first membrane removes small but visible particles such as dirt and sand; they then target smaller contaminants until they’re dealing with nano-sized particles dozens of times thinner than a human hair.

By using a series of semi-permeable membranes instead of just one, Kinetico reverse osmosis water systems move faster and with fewer risks of clogging. A single membrane designed to stop contaminants of all sizes could easily get clogged and slow your water flow immensely. It could also worsen your water pressure. With a series of membranes, water flow isn’t affected, and contaminants are less likely to slip through. In fact, the process is so effective that it even removes beneficial minerals like calcium and potassium! That’s why most people who want healthy drinking water also pair their system with a remineralizer, which adds those minerals back in. That produces the best possible water in terms of hygiene and taste.

What is Your Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Water System Removing from Your Water?

Here are a few ways in which your RO system can improve your water supply:

  • Iron: Iron is good for us in the right amounts, which is why it’s actually beneficial to have in your water. However, excess iron is a good way to make your life a lot more reddish orange. Over time, excess iron in water turns to rust, which can leave rusty stains on your appliances, surfaces, and worst of all, your clothes.
  • Bacteria: Not all bacteria are an issue, but the waterborne ones that are trouble can be very serious. Many dangerous waterborne bacteria can affect the brain and wider nervous system, and the effects can be very long-lasting.
  • Arsenic: If you’ve already heard of it, you likely already know that it’s poisonous. Arsenic is not dangerous in extremely tiny amounts, but it can quickly build up if left untreated.
  • Acidity: Some contaminants in your water can actually make it more acidic, which can damage your plumbing and affect its taste. RO can help to neutralize the water and reduce that acidity.
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With our Water test in San Jose, Santa Clara, and more, We can tell you what’s in your water and whether an RO system from Kinetico would be the best way to tackle it. Simply click below to get your free water test scheduled by one of the best water conditioning company.
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H2O, Water. Agua. Few elements are as essential to healthy living as clear, clean, fresh water. In our homes, we often take fresh tap water for granted, assuming that when it’s clear, it’s clean. Unfortunately, hard minerals, pharmaceuticals, and disinfectants like chlorine and chloramine, as well as other contaminants are invisible. Simply put, water isn’t what it once was.

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For most businesses fresh, clean, soft water is not just a “nice to have”—it’s a “need to have.”

Whether you’re a small business or a large commercial enterprise, cooking, cleaning, washing, serving, cooling, or manufacturing, we understand that clean, soft, filtered water is essential to the success of your business.

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We are very pleased with the product and the installation. Yes, it’s pricey. However, it exceeds our expectation and we feel we have received more than enough value for the money we spent. Mike Munns, the installation tech, was courteous, efficient, and cleaned everything up when he was done. The installation is very professional, including patching the drywall that was removed to access the pipes…We are very pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of getting water conditioning equipment.

Jay M. San Jose, CA

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