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Why You Need to Regulate the pH Balance in Your Well Water to Neutralize Acid

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Everyday matters can seem complicated if you get too technical. For instance, are you fully aware of what a pH balance is? And why is it even mentioned in relation to the well water you are using? In other words, why do you need an acid neutralizer for well water?

Okay, you probably do know it’s all about acid vs alkali, but how does that apply to water? Surely water is neutral, right? The fact is that water can become acidic, and that is not good for several reasons, but principally the fact that acid is corrosive. Obviously your water is not all that acidic, or it would be like drinking vinegar. But just a bit of acidity can have a significant effect on the pipes, because they are in constant contact with the small amount of acid, and that has a cumulative effect. Over a period of years, corrosion can take place, and corrosion is damage, which is never good. Read More

What Have They Done to the Rain?

Everyone has heard about acid rain, and it’s not just something protest singers went on about in the 1960s; acid rain is a reality in many parts of the world. It can be caused by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; and in addition to rain, it can find its way into water systems via run-off water from chemical processes or mining and decomposing plant material.

And What is the Rain Doing to our Health

Corrosion leads to leakage, which is one problem, but it can also cause health issues. Acid in your water can leach chemicals from your pipes. And when that involves zinc and copper, it can lead to stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In the long term, an elevated copper level can lead to more serious issues such as gallstones, kidney stones, and damage to the liver, kidneys, and even the brain. Is it really worth taking the chance and living in blissful ignorance?

With an acid neutralizing system from De Anza Water Conditioning, you can rest easy, and you’ll be covered against a lot of other water-related health issues too.

What is the Best Acid Neutralizer for Well Water?

For many years now, we have been in the water-conditioning system business. We’ve seen new developments, new ideas, and plenty of new products aimed at addressing this issue. We also understand well around residential or commercial water softener systems along with how to implement the right commercial or residential drinking water systems. We felt – and still feel – that Kinetico water filtration systems were the best acid neutralizers for well water, so that is what we supply and fit, and the feedback from customers tells us we are right to think as we do.

How Can I Get an Acid Neutralizer Filter Fitted for My Well Water?

That’s easy: contact us. We can test your water in San Jose, Santa Cruz, etc. And show you exactly what issues you are dealing with, including acidity. Then we can show you the options and recommend the best acid neutralizer for well water for your particular application. You know it makes sense, and we can have it fitted and working with minimal disruption, so you will never have to worry about the quality of your well water again. Read Less

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H2O, Water. Agua. Few elements are as essential to healthy living as clear, clean, fresh water. In our homes, we often take fresh tap water for granted, assuming that when it’s clear, it’s clean. Unfortunately, hard minerals, pharmaceuticals, and disinfectants like chlorine and chloramine, as well as other contaminants are invisible. Simply put, water isn’t what it once was.

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For most businesses fresh, clean, soft water is not just a “nice to have”—it’s a “need to have.”

Whether you’re a small business or a large commercial enterprise, cooking, cleaning, washing, serving, cooling, or manufacturing, we understand that clean, soft, filtered water is essential to the success of your business.

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We are very pleased with the product and the installation. Yes, it’s pricey. However, it exceeds our expectation and we feel we have received more than enough value for the money we spent. Mike Munns, the installation tech, was courteous, efficient, and cleaned everything up when he was done. The installation is very professional, including patching the drywall that was removed to access the pipes…We are very pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of getting water conditioning equipment.

Jay M. San Jose, CA

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