Acid Neutralizer for Well Water

Whether it’s for beverage recipe compliance, sensitive medical usage or superior drinking water, KineticoPRO’s reverse osmosis (RO) systems deliver consistently high-quality water that your recipes require –and that your customers appreciate. Compact and space-saving, our RO units can be installed under the counter or in the back-of-house where space is at a premium.

These systems may be used with: coffee and tea brewers, dishwashers, ice machines, autoclaves, car washes, boiler treatments, laboratories, humidifiers, process water, pharmaceuticals – and more. Read More

What Have They Done to the Rain?

Everyone has heard about acid rain, and it’s not just something protest singers went on about in the 1960s; acid rain is a reality in many parts of the world. It can be caused by carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; and in addition to rain, it can find its way into water systems via run-off water from chemical processes or mining and decomposing plant material.

And What is the Rain Doing to our Health

Corrosion leads to leakage, which is one problem, but it can also cause health issues. Acid in your water can leach chemicals from your pipes. And when that involves zinc and copper, it can lead to stomach upsets, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. In the long term, an elevated copper level can lead to more serious issues such as gallstones, kidney stones, and damage to the liver, kidneys, and even the brain. Is it really worth taking the chance and living in blissful ignorance?

With an acid neutralizing system from De Anza Water Conditioning, you can rest easy, and you’ll be covered against a lot of other water-related health issues too.

What is the Best Acid Neutralizer for Well Water?

For many years now, we have been in the water-conditioning system business. We’ve seen new developments, new ideas, and plenty of new products aimed at addressing this issue. We also understand well around residential or commercial water softener systems along with how to implement the right commercial or residential drinking water systems. We felt – and still feel – that Kinetico water filtration systems were the best acid neutralizers for well water, so that is what we supply and fit, and the feedback from customers tells us we are right to think as we do.

How Can I Get an Acid Neutralizer Filter Fitted for My Well Water?

That’s easy: contact us. We can test your water in San Jose, Santa Cruz, etc. And show you exactly what issues you are dealing with, including acidity. Then we can show you the options and recommend the best acid neutralizer for well water for your particular application. You know it makes sense, and we can have it fitted and working with minimal disruption, so you will never have to worry about the quality of your well water again.

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Kinetico NSC Series

The NSC-Series reverse osmosis systems are ideal for low to medium volume applications where space is at a premium. The proprietary, encapsulated cartridges provide for easy, sanitary filter changes. An integrated blending valve and a TDS meter allow for precise TDS water profiles.

  • Guest Experience

    • Delivers high quality pure water to your application by removing dissolved solids (TDS).
    • Ideal for small restaurants, coffee shops, and kiosks with low to medium capacity volumes of high quality water.
  • KineticoPRO NSC Reverse Osmosis Options:

    • Prefiltration significantly reduces suspended solids and improves feed water quality.
    • Softener pre-treatment eliminates hardness to improve feed water quality, reduce membrane fouling, and extend membrane life.
      Storage systems provide a constant supply and pressure of high-quality water.
  • Operational Efficiency

    • Able to connect to a product water bladder tank for purified water delivery to downstream equipment.
    • Integrated blending valve and TDS meter allow for precise TDS profiles.
    • Space-saving design offers flexible mounting options.
    • Designed to maximize water conservation.

KineticoPRO S-Series

The S-Series is designed for commercial use and features proprietary controller technology for improved flexibility and ease of use when reverse osmosis water is needed for recipe quality food and beverage applications. The S-Series is sized for medium to high volume usage and works best paired with bladder storage tanks.

  • Guest Experience

    • Advanced membrane technology to help remove TDS
    • Hollow carbon prefiltration to enhance taste and remove odors
    • Whisper-quiet operations
    • Innovative blending valve to achieve recipe specifications
  • Operational Efficiency

    • Customizable settings via built-in controller
    • Medium to high capacity (700 – 2,500 GPD)
    • Space-saving design with flexible mounting options
    • EverClean® Rinse ensures consistently-high water quality, extends membrane life, and lowers maintenance costs
  • Equipment Protection

    • Prolongs equipment life
    • Reduces harmful TDS and hardness
    • Reduces scale and particulates
    • Helps to reduce unnecessary and costly service calls
  • Environmentally Friendly

    • Optimized water production
    • Designed to maximize water conservation and minimize wastewater

KineticoPRO W-Series

The W-Series reverse osmosis systems are sized for medium volume usage applications. These systems can deliver 500 to 1,000 gallons per day of high-quality pure water to required applications. Optimal for coffee & tea brewers, ice machines, steamers, and combi-ovens.

  • Guest Experience

    • Integrated blending option delivers a precise TDS profile resulting in optimal beverage and ice quality.
    • TDS monitor used with blending capability delivers desired TDS profile, helping to maintain a consistent high-quality beverage experience.
    • Maintains beverage recipe compliance for a consistent, high-quality experience.
  • Operational Efficiency

    • Whisper-quiet DC motor operation allows for flexible installation needs.
    • Dynamic design offers multiple wall-mounting configurations, freeing up floor space for easier cleaning.
    • No special electrical requirements – compatible with standard AC electrical outlet.
    • Powder-coated steel shroud allows for hassle-free system cleaning.
    • Integrated circulation loop ensures maximum RO system efficiency.
  • Environmentally Friendly

    • Low energy membrane reduces energy consumption.
    • High efficiency membrane process requires less water to produce each gallon of high-quality water, helping to minimize wastewater.

We’ve Proudly Served The Silicon Valley and Bay Area For 45 Years

Join Over 15,000 Happy Customers From California…

Anita W.

Honestly, over the years of calling De Anza Water for service was never a headache.  They had always been responsive and came on time and when they said they would.  There were never any surprises.

When I sold my house recently, I needed to fix the Reverse Osmosis unit because of a leak which was due to the housing of the unit, no big deal, really.  I worked with Jennifer Administrative Assistant where she never ever left me high and dry.  She responded very quickly, was completely behind what she said, and she helped schedule an appointment with the new owner.  She is the best!!!

The unit is fixed and working properly! Thanks so much for the great service over the years!

Los Altos, CA

Pai P.

I was looking for a good water softener for a long time. I finally had enough with hard water for water stains and hair loss. So I started shopping around again and read some good reviews about Kinetico. DeAnza was very knowledgeable about water softener and understood my concerns about using soft water for irrigation and proposed a perfect solution to install another irrigation pipe directly to my backyard. Considering all the unique features of Kinetico and my concern was resolved, I hired De Anza water to install a refurbished system.

The system looked very nice in my garage. They showed me how to by-pass the water softener to clean the water filter and also mentioned that where the system might leak. So far the system is working perfectly and I cannot be happier with how my water now feels.

San Jose, CA


Our family chose De Anza Water Conditioning for many reasons.  They were extremely responsive to my online Yelp quote request, super friendly on the phone, and they carry a very high end product.  They are an authorized dealer of Kinetico which is basically a 2 for 1 product you get soft water all the time and all of your entire homes water is filtered.

Installation was super easy and fast.  Plumbing was routed very efficiently and clean looking.  It took only a couple of hours to finish the install. It has been a little over a week now and we can definitely taste, feel, and see a huge difference. Soap is super bubbly, water taste is amazing, our hair is softer more clean feeling.  We are really excited about our water quality now.  In honesty I was not expecting this big of a difference.  We don’t like to mess around drinking and showering in poor quality water.  Thank you De Anza.

Mountain View, CA

Kristine L.

Requested De Anza Water to service our water softener and change out the whole house filter, and reverse osmosis water filters.  When our tech arrived, he suggested the possibility of replacing our 20 year old water softer. Technology has improved the softener to use 30% less water, 30% less salt, and less energy. Sounded like a win to us. We’re glad we did it! I’ve been with De Anza Water conditioning for 20 years. We always find them to be 5 stars for us.

Los Gatos, CA

Shana L.

De Anza water has been a great solution for a filtered water system for our office! They are professional and responsive, highly recommend!

San Francisco, CA

Karen M.

I highly recommend De Anza Water to anyone!! Great customer service!!!

We just had to place a service call (for something we caused… we still love the Kinetico system!!). Making the appointment was easy. We really appreciate that we got a message when our technician was on his way. It had his name, photo and a link to see how far away they were and when they would arrive.

They were so thorough with everything and respectful of our property!! And provided helpful info for extending the life of the system. 

Sunnyvale, CA

Vicki A.

I was very happy with the service and support from De Anza Water conditioning. Their package and service was not the least expensive that I considered but I was impressed by the long term support they provide their customers. I had a lot of questions and our sales person Tam was patient and addressed all my concerns. Installation went smoothly and I am SO happy with the system and the quality of our water.  I highly recommend De Anza Water.

San Jose, CA

Shijavi P.

Flow pressure of water is not compromised either, while ensuring great quality filtration and softening. Equipment does not use electricity either, compared to other brands that use electricity. Maintenance is not required every year for softener compared to competitors. This is a high quality product. Although expensive than other cheap brands, quality speaks for itself. In long run that additional expense does pay off.

Sunnyvale, CA

Catherine P.

I just LOVE these folks!  They have serviced my water softener for the better part of the last 15 years:  they are always on time, they are always thorough, the price is always what they said it would be when we scheduled the appointment, and they are always professional.  Patrick came out a couple weeks ago to change the carbon.  When he was doing it, he noticed a couple problems with the water softener and so he just fixed them without any extra charge.

Anna S.

We have been drinking their water since moved to California. we didn’t like the hard water and the quality, found De Anza Water and learnt that we could get water softener and filtered drinking water installed, we decided to go this path. They came out, got everything installed, Patric, the installer is extremely knowledgable and helpful, he’s really clean and efficient, got everything done in 4 hours! Now w can’t wait to take it first shower with this new water softener! If u want get good quality water, bath ur kids and take care ur water pipes, go to De Anza water!

Santa Clara, CA


We have been a client for 10 years for water softener with De Anza and very happy.  After doing a lot of research, we had Kinetico RO put in for drinking water and LOVE the system.  It is amazing.  John came out to our house for consultation and we really learned a lot from him.  The water quality Exceeded our expectation.  Mike installed the unit and he was superb and we thank him for his amazing work.  Thank you John, Lynne, Mike, Judy and Ian.  The customer service is great.  If you are really looking to get an RO system, this is it.  It is expensive but WORTH IT. Every time I drink it, I think of John and how passionate he is about his work and company.

Campbell, CA

Mike H.

From start to finish, the most professional company I have ever worked with and who only sells and installs the most superior and highest quality water treatment systems available!

Los Gatos, CA

Claus D.

De Anza Water conditioning is consistently over delivering. My first installation was in 2008. Ever since then, when ever I have had a question or concern they were no more than a phone call away. Always on top of things and super helpful.

San Jose, CA

You’re Covered By De Anza Water Conditioning’s Crystal-Clear, Triple Guarantee

With more than 45 years of experience and trust built up from serving 15,000+ Bay Area customers, we want to keep that going for the next 45 years and beyond. That’s why we cover you with our unbeatable, crystal-clear triple guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Soft, Filtered  Water Guaranteed

    Our cutting-edge Kinetico water softeners and reverse osmosis systems will consistently produce soft, filtered water on a 24/7 basis. If your system doesn’t perform for any reason, simply let us know in the first 60 days, and we’ll fix or replace it free of charge.

  2. Industry-Leading System Warranty

    All our Kinetico systems carry an industry-leading warranty, so you get peace of mind thanks to lower maintenance costs for years to come.

  3. Try It Before You Buy It!

    Not sure whether a water softener or reverse osmosis filter is right for your business (or both)? Try one risk-free for 60 days! If you don’t love it, we’ll uninstall it AND give you 100% of your money back.


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