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Why You Need to Regulate the pH Balance in Your Well Water to Neutralize Acid

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Yes, it sounds dramatic. Arsenic is a poison that was once popular among those who wanted to bump off people discreetly. It was even featured in a movie title in 1944: ” and Old Lace”, a black comedy starring Cary Grant. But without wishing to provoke hysteria, arsenic is no laughing matter, and it still exists because it is a naturally occurring substance that just might make its way into your well water. That wouldn’t be funny, would it?

The World Health Organization describes arsenic as occurring naturally in the earth and being “widely distributed” in the air, water, and on land. It names contaminated water as a major cause for concern, from using it in food preparation to irrigating the land for plants. It names skin lesions and skin cancer as potential dangers.

When such a respected international body tells you that you should be careful, it’s best to listen. Fortunately, there is a simple answer: get a filter for removing arsenic in well water. We at De Anza Water Conditioning offer this as part of our comprehensive water conditioning systems. Read More

Isn’t Well Water More Pure than City Water?

Many of us fantasize about living in earlier, simpler times when life was less hectic and stressful. As part of that dream, well water as being a better, more pure alternative to the rigorously processed, chlorinated, and sometimes recycled water supplied by the cities of our great nation. And in theory, it is. But just because it comes directly from nature doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed to be perfect. In fact, it is prone to natural processes that can introduce harmful chemicals and minerals when you least suspect it. We have the best well water filters for arsenic that you will find anywhere, and we can install one in your house to correct a current issue and ensureagainst future problems.

We have great experience in this commercial or residential water softener area and we’ve seen it all, from minerals that harm household equipment and compromise hygiene to excess acidity, which can cause damage. And we’ve seen arsenic in water too. That’s why we put arsenic removal water filters on our list of services we can provide to the good people of the Bay Area.

Does an Arsenic Filter for Well Water Remove Arsenic From the Whole House?

It can if we install a whole-house water filter system, which in many cases is the best idea. Water has a tendency to get everywhere by leakage and splashing, so you may choose to get a Kinetico whole-house water filter installed, rather than purely a filter for removing arsenic in well water. Kinetico is the brand we use, and we trust it completely because we’ve been installing their systems for decades. Their systems can remove unwanted minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron and manganese, as well as harmful acidity.

How can I Remove Arsenic in my Well Water Now?

Call us. It’s as simple as that. We will recommend the water conditioning system that’s best for you and our skilled technicians will install it with a minimum of disruption. Then you’ll never have to worry about removing arsenic in your well water. Read Less

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H2O, Water. Agua. Few elements are as essential to healthy living as clear, clean, fresh water. In our homes, we often take fresh tap water for granted, assuming that when it’s clear, it’s clean. Unfortunately, hard minerals, pharmaceuticals, and disinfectants like chlorine and chloramine, as well as other contaminants are invisible. Simply put, water isn’t what it once was.

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For most businesses fresh, clean, soft water is not just a “nice to have”—it’s a “need to have.”

Whether you’re a small business or a large commercial enterprise, cooking, cleaning, washing, serving, cooling, or manufacturing, we understand that clean, soft, filtered water is essential to the success of your business.

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We are very pleased with the product and the installation. Yes, it’s pricey. However, it exceeds our expectation and we feel we have received more than enough value for the money we spent. Mike Munns, the installation tech, was courteous, efficient, and cleaned everything up when he was done. The installation is very professional, including patching the drywall that was removed to access the pipes…We are very pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of getting water conditioning equipment.

Jay M. San Jose, CA

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