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A Kinetico Commercial RO, a Perfect Addition to your Business 

Many businesses today rely on clean, purified water.  It is no longer a preference but a necessity.  Compact and efficient, Kinetico’s commercial reverse osmosis (RO) systems will consistently deliver the high-quality water required for the business.  Customers’ dining experience will also be elevated by the system’s great-tasting water.  Reverse osmosis systems can be found at coffee shops, tea houses, ice machines in restaurants, and laboratories, the application for such a system is truly endless.  In each instance, the quality of water improves the product as well as the customer experience.      What does a reverse osmosis system do and how does it work? Municipal and well water are generally full of Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS.  While there are many types of TDS, it generally refers to any minerals, salts, metals, and other elements dissolved in pure H2O.  High TDS levels represent the presence of contaminants in the water which could lead to cloudy, foul-smelling water.  Another sign of impurities in your water is cloudy, white ice cubes filled with air bubbles.  If you are in the food and beverage industry, this could negatively impact the quality of your products including coffees and teas.  Installing a Kinetico commercial-grade reverse osmosis system will ensure customers can enjoy high quality beverages while the cooking staff can utilize pure H2O as an ingredient.     Additionally, if you are noticing that expensive equipment such as dishwashers and boilers are becoming increasingly inefficient, you could be facing hard water issues.  Lime-scale buildup can also decrease the life of your business equipment, therefore shortening its lifespan and resulting in costly, premature repairs.  In order to obtain soft, clean TDS-free water, we recommend installing a Kinetico commercial-grade water softener and RO system.      H-Series RO Overview    Producing up to 1,500 gallons of pure, filtered water, the Kinetico H-Series reverse osmosis system is ideal for low to medium volume usage applications which include residential whole-house water treatment.  They are ideal for businesses that provide coffee, tea, utilize ice machines, and medical facilities.      W-Series RO Overview    Our Kinetico W-Series RO consists of two different products. The W-500 produces 500 gallons of water per day while the W-1000 produces 1000 gallons of water per day.  The product is ideal for various business applications which include gyms, restaurants, and dental offices.   Whether for your home or your business, De Anza Water Conditioning offers a variety of Kinetico commercial water treatment solutions.  In fact, by installing our K5 Drinking Water Station in your home, you and your family can enjoy up to 40 gallons of the highest quality, filtered water.  The seven-stage filtration system along with an auxiliary volatile organic compound (VOC) filter can remove up to 99.999% of contaminants, more than any other residential system on the market.  Contact us today at 408 371 5521 or sign up here for a FREE water evaluation and we will recommend the ideal solution to protect your business equipment and elevate your water quality.