Why Every Home Needs a Kinetico Water Softener

  Signs such as: brittle hair, dry skin, inefficient water-using appliances, and mineral deposits — are among many indications of hard water. Experienced by more than 85 percent of Americans, the Bay Area is no different. As Americans grow increasingly knowledgeable on the consequences brought upon by hard water, we have witnessed an expansion of companies offering water softeners. With numerous different brands on the market, what makes our Kinetico Water Systems shine? Non-electric  Our patented non-electric, twin-tank units are demand generated, meaning the system regenerates only when you need it, based on your water consumption. Other brands of residential water softeners require you to program a desirable time for the system to regenerate, which is usually in the middle of the night. But that doesn’t guarantee soft water during the day, as the soft water supply may run out before the system regenerates. Alternatively, if it regenerates on a regular pre-programmed basis, you could be wasting salt and water as it may not need to be regenerated yet. Therefore, an electric system could pose your entire home or facility to hard water, or you could waste water and salt. additionally, electric timers often malfunction, — which could leave you susceptible to hard water. Once our Kinetico water softener is installed, you will not have to worry about clocks, electric valves, electric sensors or any complicated programming, because our system simply does not have these parts. Metered, demand service  When the system is installed, the technician sets the softener to will automatically regulate brining, backwashing, rinsing based on your water hardness. Utilizing a meter, the unit will measure the volume of water used. Once the softener hits its threshold, it will regenerate only when necessary. When setting up your electric unit, you must consider how much water is used in your household in order to obtain an adequate supply of soft water. Often times, an electric softener is programmed to regenerate more often than needed, thereby wasting more salt, water, and electricity. 1. Patented twin-tank design With a twin-tank system, you are ensured soft water 24/7 even during the regeneration cycle. Only clean, soft, filtered water flows through the non-corrosive internal control mechanism, which increases the system’s lifespan, effectively renews the resin bed, and greatly reduces the amount of regenerant — salt and water — used. Our competitors utilize hard water during regeneration which effectively destroys the system internally. 2. Efficient use of water and regenerant Utilizing countercurrent regeneration, the most efficient regeneration method on the market, our Kinetico water softener uses 1/3 less salt and water than any other unit on the market. Our most popular residential mode, for example, regenerated 11 minutes, the system uses 13 gallons of water and 1 pound of salt. I have seen some other brands waste as much as 9 pounds of salt and 70 gallons of water per regeneration. Understanding that we live in an often drought-stricken area, our small footprint, highly efficient water softener provides unlimited clean, soft, filtered water at the lowest total cost of ownership. 3. Efficient chloramine reduction The Kinetico 4040s Softener is a combination filter/softener that features a SulfabanTM pre-filter, a unique catalytic carbon certified to remove chloramine. chloramine, a commonly used disinfectant for our water supply, can cause brittle, dry hair, hair loss, and dry skin. Exposure to chloramine also causes premature degradation of the resin (the softening media), destruction of seals, and other plumbing infrastructure. 4. High flow rate Our Kinetico residential water softener is suitable for homes with plumbing pipe size up to 1 ½ inch while a lot of other systems cap out at 1 inch. As our system is suited for larger plumbing found in various residences, it will not restrict the flow nor the water pressure for the home. Producing 11 to 15 gallons of soft water per minute, you won’t have to worry about how many showers are being taken at the same time or how many different water-using appliances are running simultaneously as our Kinetico system can produce the necessary amount of water needed for a household. 5. Comprehensive warranty With the most comprehensive warranty in the industry — 10 years on all parts for our residential units —, our Kinetico water softeners deliver a peace of mind. 6. Certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) All Kinetico Water Systems have been tested and validated by the Water Quality Association (WQA) for safety and performance in accordance with all applicable industry standards. In a class of its own, this maintenance-free system will provide you and your household an unlimited amount of clean, soft, filtered water at the very lowest cost and upkeep. If you are interested in this unique system, give us a call at 408 371 5521 or sign up for a free onsite water consultation NOW!