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The Benefits Of Whole House Filtration

Everyone uses water. We clean, manufacture, farm, garden, eat, drink, and bathe with water. That’s why water is considered a critical resource in commercial, industrial, and residential projects. As a result, people and businesses increasingly want —and demand—water that has been treated for a particular purpose. Whether residential or industrial, De Anza Water Conditioning has a solution. Take whole house water treatment. It’s a very good idea. It means bathing in soft water. It means washing your clothes, dishes, flatware, crystal, and glassware in water that leaves no residue of soap or minerals. It means using less soap, cleaners, and muscle to keep the house and clothes clean. It means protecting your investments in appliances — dishwasher, washing machine, water heater — from the damage caused by a build-up of minerals and calcium. It means keeping your pipes clear throughout their lifetime, which in turn keeps pipes open and water pressure normal. Soft water means protecting your faucets, granite, marble, shower doors, and porcelain from mineral spots and build-up. For me, I learned that I needed a water softener when my five-year-old water heater, which was guaranteed for ten years, blew up. I investigated other brands, but the Kinetico is what I bought after much due diligence. I bought the Kinetico 4040s water softener, which features a carbon pre-filter to protect the resin from the chlorine that is already in our water supply. This small-footprint water softener is easy for me to maintain, and it will last as long as the 30-year mortgage on my house! I like that. How many times do you get to buy an appliance that lasts a virtual lifetime? For more information about the only non-electric, most cost-effective water softener on the market today, please contact Whole house water treatment includes purified drinking water. With my Kinetico K-5 Drinking Water Station, installed in my kitchen with a fashionable, lead-free, designer faucet, I am drinking pure H2O. The K5 protects me from chromium, fluoride, perchlorate, or any other chemicals, bacteria, viruses, or bad tastes or odors in my water. My coffee tastes delicious. My Lipton tea is just the right color. My ice cubes are crystal clear. Water from my Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station tastes better than bottled water. I bring a stainless steel water bottle filled with my purified tap water into the office or in my car or at the gym. I am spoiled. For more details on the K5, the K5, please visit What makes Kinetico products different? They have patented technology, non-electric parts, highly efficient regeneration, cost-effective use of consumables (either potassium or salt), lead-free faucets, and the longest, most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Additionally, Kinetico products are stringently tested to ensure quality, and the parts and operation and are certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) as well. For more information about Kinetico water softeners and reverse osmosis drinking water systems and to obtain a free water analysis, please contact De Anza Water Conditioning at 408.371.5521 or visit our website at We look forwarding to helping you get the softest house water and the purest, best-tasting drinking water available.