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Why a Kinetico System is Crucial for Your Business

Our Kinetico Water Systems can be found in various restaurants, hotels, country clubs, apartment complexes, and laundromats. So, why exactly is a water treatment system necessary? A water softener can protect expensive fixtures, reduce maintenance costs on appliances, and lower expenditure on cleaning agents. By eradicating scale build-up and hardness minerals, a softener can protect and extend the lifespan of costly equipment such as dishwashers and boilers. A less efficient dishwasher would leave hard water, lipstick stains, and food remnants on your glassware and flatware; but with a softener in place, time will no longer be wasted hand polishing them. Besides protecting dishwashers and boilers, a softener is also beneficial to washing machines. Hardness minerals not only make it difficult to get your clothing completely clean but will cause the fabric to feel stiff and look dull.  The system will also lower your operating costs as you will spend up to 40 percent less on cleaning agents, no longer have to fork out money to service your pricey appliances, and your water heating bill can be reduced by up to 48 percent.    Restaurants, especially those with a bar, can also consider installing a reverse osmosis drinking water system. Utilizing the highest-quality drinking water, it can improve the consistency of H2O as a food and beverage ingredient. Our Kinetico drinking water stations can significantly reduce the contaminants in your water, eliminating odd taste, unpleasant scent, and unusual color of your beverage. By removing impurities from your water, you can obtain crystal clear ice cubes for craft cocktails. Restaurant owners also prefer to connect the reverse osmosis system to an espresso machine to maintain the integrity of the appliance by removing harmful hardness minerals. Using the purest drinking water to make coffee would also allow customers to enjoy a significantly more fragrant beverage. What makes our Kinetico Water System stand out? Many other water softeners on the market use electricity to power the systems, which demands programming a suitable time for your system to regenerate daily. If these timers malfunction, you might be susceptible to hard water during business hours. With our non-electric, patented, twin-tank system, you can enjoy uninterrupted soft water without hard water breakthrough even during regeneration. The small-footprint softener utilizes counter-current regeneration — the most efficient regeneration method — which conserves salt and water. In fact, our Kinetico Hydrus Series commercial-grade water softener uses 40 percent less salt than any of its competitors. As the Bay Area has long suffered from droughts, our cost-effective systems are ideal for you.  A family-owned business, De Anza Water Conditioning is fully dedicated to providing five-star service and unparalleled equipment to our customers located all throughout the Bay Area. If you are interested in one of our many Kinetico Water Systems, sign up for a free onsite water consultation or give us a call at the at 408 371 5521!