Hard Water And Hard Hair

Recently, my husband and I traveled out of state to a wedding.  We stayed at a wonderful B&B, which featured a romantic, heart-shaped hot tub, garden view, perfect bedding, and delicious breakfasts.  Having come from our home with its Kinetico water softener and Kinetico K5 Drinking Water System, we did not anticipate the discomfort we would encounter by less-than-perfect water. Since we had to get dolled up for the rehearsal dinner and, the next day, for the wedding, we spent lots of time showering and pampering ourselves.  We realized, however, that hard water makes your skin dry.  Very dry.  And it was virtually impossible to wash off makeup without commercial makeup remover (which they so nicely offered in the bathroom basket and which I never use at home).  Even with the makeup remover, I still looked like a raccoon, with remnants of eyeliner and mascara smushed around my eyes. Worst of all, my hair looked like I had stuck my finger into an electric socket.  Even after using generous amounts of conditioner both in the shower and afterward, I was unable to make my curly hair look smooth and elegant.  The shampoo simply would not wash all the way out, so my hair looked and felt dry and dull. Amazingly, we discussed the quality of water with the proprietor.  He knew he had a problem and complained about the amount of plumbing that had been ruined by the hard water, the expense they had assumed to repair it, and the ongoing effort it took to keep it from doing more damage.  He said it was a never-ending battle.  They had already replaced copper pipes and more than one water heater in a space of five or six years. If you want your hair and skin to feel soft and clean, softening your water with a Kinetico 4040 or similar system will do the trick.  For more information, contact us at www.deanzawater.com or call us at (408) 371-5521.  We would be happy to come by your home and do a free water test and discuss your water needs.