What Makes our Kinetico CP Series Commercial-Grade Water Softeners Special?

As Americans grow increasingly knowledgeable about the hard water they’re experiencing, we’ve witnessed an uptick of water softeners being installed in residences, restaurants, country clubs, and hotels. Why is it so important to protect our property from hard water? Hard water can clog pipes, destroy water-using appliances, ruin fixtures, leave stains on glassware and flatware. Regardless of the business, our CP series commercial-grade water softeners are the ideal equipment to protect your investments. Limescale buildup can affect the performance of expensive water-using appliances such as boilers and dishwashers. In our experience, some business owners have forked out large sums of money to replace their boilers. Even if these systems do not have to be replaced, money is wasted on maintenance costs and harsh cleaning agents. To combat hard water, dishwashers and laundry machines must utilize an excessive amount of detergent. Thanks to our commercial-grade water softener, owners will spend 40 percent less on cleaning supplies. With soft water, your water heater becomes more efficient, so your water heating bill can also be reduced by as much as 48 percent. Did you know that the main gripes of Americans with a restaurant are their dirty dishes, tables, cutleries, and bathrooms? In a survey conducted by Consumer Reports, 76 percent of adult Americans have complained that the cleanliness of a restaurant’s tableware is not up to par. The efficiency of the restaurant’s dishwasher might be diminishing, which leads to the dirty utensils. By using our Kinetico CP series water softener, scaling is reduced while cleaning time is optimized. Employees’ would waste less time wiping down glassware and flatware but can instead focus on elevating customer’s dining experience. Hotels and laundromats are inclined to install water softeners in order to protect their washing machines. When the appliance functions on hard water, not only will you use more detergent, but sheets and fabric tend to feel stiff, look discolored and dingy. With a softener in place, hotels will be able to provide customers with clean, soft sheets, thereby creating a positive customer experience. Our Kinetico Water Systems are not only built to last, but can survive the harshest environments. Our patented, twin-tank Kinetico softener provides an uninterrupted supply of soft water even during regeneration. Operating only on 100 percent soft water protects the internal parts of the unit from the harsh and corroding effects of hard water. The softener’s parts such as its corrosion-resistant valves and tanks are designed to endure the harshest winters and the warmest summers. Powered by kinetic energy, our non-electric water softeners ensure minimal salt usage and maximum water efficiency. This series of small-footprint water softeners utilize counter-current regeneration which is recognized as the most efficient regeneration method, conserving salt and water while eliminating hardness breakthrough. In fact, units from the Kinetico CP series use one-third less salt than any of its competitors on the market. These environmentally friendly systems are perfect for the often drought-stricken Bay Area. During these uncertain times, it is not uncommon to review your expenses, but a water softener is crucial to many businesses. In times like these, it is difficult to fork out tens of thousands of dollars to replace expensive boilers or repipe a complex, which is why it is important to protect your infrastructure. Ensuring the lowest total cost of ownership, our Kinetico CP series commercial-grade water softeners are suited for any business. To learn more about our Kinetico Water Systems, please sign up for a free onsite water consultation, or call us at 408 371 5521 NOW! Sources cited Consumer Reports, “Americans’ most common restaurant complaints go beyond a fly in their soup,” 2014, https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2014/08/most-common-restaurant-complaints/index.htm