How Clear Are Your Ice Cubes?

We often hear customers complain about their water looking murky, smelling funky, and tasting unpleasant; however, have you taken a closer look at your ice cubes? If you’re noticing white, cloudy ice cubes filled with air bubbles, then your water is not pure. As the ice forms, impurities are pushed to the center of the cube, causing a cloudy appearance. How does one know if their water is pure? During our free onsite water consultations, our sales representatives carry a TDS meter that measures the electrical conductivity of water; in other words, the TDS meter calculates the total cations and anions in the water.  Pure water has virtually no conductivity. What exactly is TDS? TDS stands for total dissolved solids, which refers to anything dissolved in water with the exclusion of pure water molecules and suspended solids.  TDS could derive from multiple sources including leaves, silt, plankton, industrial waste, sewage, rocks, and air. High TDS levels could signify the presence of contaminants that could lead to cloudy water. Another indication of toxins in your water would be its taste. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises that the TDS in drinking water should be no higher than 500 parts per million (ppm). Once it exceeds 1000 ppm, it is unsafe to drink.  Generally speaking, higher levels of TDS indicate higher levels of contaminants in your water.  While you may not have a TDS meter at home, here are some ways you can determine whether you have drinking water problems. ice-cube-image As mentioned in our previous blogs, our Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station can significantly reduce the contaminants found in your water. The system is certified to remove PFAS, chromium hexavalent, fluoride, chloramine, and chlorine —all of which are classified as impurities. While installing a reverse osmosis (RO) system has countless health benefits, it can significantly improve the appearance of your ice cubes and the taste of your coffee, tea, other beverages, and soups.  It is also great for pets and plants.  With our reverse osmosis system, you will not only enjoy the best-tasting, best-quality drinking water available, but you will appreciate the aesthetic and visual appearance of crystal-clear ice cubes. These pure ice cubes will last longer, ensuring that you can enjoy a perfect craft cocktails or a thirst-quenching bottle of H2O even after a long run in the hot, humid summer. Water is crucial in every household. Not only is it used for many of your appliances, but also utilized for cooking, and concocting various beverages. Many of us prefer to boil our water prior to cooking in hopes of removing the contaminants lurking in the pot. However, if your H2O begins to taste odd, this might in turn affect the taste of your food. tea-cups-image Photo Credit: Gordon Water Systems While it may be easy to rattle off the benefits of our RO system, our sales representatives prefer to show it.  During our free onsite water consultation, we carry out a tea test that visibly demonstrates the difference between city or well water and RO water. The one on the right, made with city water, is darker but faded, while the one on the left is the natural color of pekoe tea. This cup is also noticeably more fragrant when compared with the other, but you would need to experience this for yourself! Well, what about coffee drinkers then? As the beverage consists of 97 to 99 percent H2O, you can rely on pure water to bring out the flavors in your morning pick-me-up. If you are interested in purchasing our K5 Drinking Water Station, please sign up now for a FREE onsite water consultation, or give us a call at the office at 408 371 5521 NOW! Sources Cited: HM Digital, “What is TDS?” TDSMETER, 2020,