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If you live in Willow Glen and get your water from the city, then you’re likely receiving any combination of local groundwater, surface water that’s been imported from other areas, and mountain water run-off. Each of the sources used to provide water to Willow Glen may have an exceptionally high concentration of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3). The groundwater measures in at an average 307 ppm and ranges as high as 506ppm. Such concentrations of CaCO3 make for extremely hard water (water with a CaCo3 concentration over 60 ppm is considered “hard”). Hard water doesn’t pose any health risks, but, when used regularly as a household or business’s primary water source, it can prove cumbersome and significantly costly over time.

The Lesser Known Harms of Hard Water

Since hard water is not dangerous to drink, we have a way of thinking of hard water as a minor inconvenience, nothing likely to have a substantial impact on our quality of life or on our budgets. Unfortunately, in truth, hard water isn’t quite so innocent. Over time, the deposits left by hard water can clog your water pipes, slowing down the water flow and necessitating costly repairs.

Hard water can also cause a build-up in your hot water heater, leading to higher energy costs. In many cases, hard water deposits can prematurely curtail the life of your hot water heater, which, we all know is not cheap to replace. Such are the major harms of regular hard water usage, but what about the more overlooked, subtle hard water ramifications? Your clothes lose their color faster, your skin and hair get dried out, chalky deposits are left on glass and stemware, shower walls are nearly impossible to clean, and drains develop a white residue that simply can’t be removed. When you think of hard water as an accumulation of several small and larger scale problems, then you may begin to see the benefits of taking action.

Soft Water Solutions for Willow Glen

At De Anza Water Conditioning, we’ve been providing filtration and soft water solutions to Willow Glen and the surrounding area for over 40 years. We’re a family run business that values our reputation and relationship with the community and we understand that it is our privilege to help your household or office optimize its water quality.

Home Water Treatment Systems in Willow Glen

As an authorized dealer for Kinetico, we’re able to sell, install, and service home water treatment systems that will leave you with an abundant supply of soft, safe, great tasting water. Kinetico products have an extremely low cost of ownership due to their energy efficient, patented design. Rather than use household power, Kinetico technology uses the kinetic energy provided by water flow to power the unit. Kinetico filtration, purification, softeners, and reverse osmosis systems won’t take up much room in your home and are very simple to use. They run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and require virtually no effort to maintain. There are no operating panels or timers to fiddle with – everything’s fully automatic. All Kinetico products sold through De Anza are warrantied, and in the event, you need service in Willow Glen we’re prepared to respond.

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