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Water Conditions in Saratoga

The city of Saratoga draws much of its water locally from Saratoga Creek, which runs diagonally through the city. Saratoga supplements this local supply with the water from the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD), which is procured from a collection of both nearby and remote sources. As with the other towns and cities in this region that utilize SCVWD water supplies, there is a significant concentration of Calcium Carbonate – CaCO3, in the water, making it “hard.” The water from Saratoga Creek as well is likely to hold heavy CaCO3 concentrations. Since hard water is safe to drink, many people see it as but a minor inconvenience: a few mineral deposits in the shower, streaks on the dishware and stemware, but nothing too difficult to get through. What many home, and business owners fail to appreciate, though, are the longer-term effects of hard water on a home or office’s water pipes and appliances. The persistent influx of hard water through your hot water heater can lead to a destructive build-up of deposits and higher energy costs. In many cases, hard water can even cut short the life of the hot water heater, as well as other appliances. To add insult to injury, washing your clothes regularly in hard water can prematurely fade their colors and weaken their fabric. It can also dry out your skin and hair.

Soft Water Solutions for Saratoga

The cumulative benefits of using soft water in your home or business are substantial. At De Anza we sell, install, and service home water treatment systems that make soft water available to any household or business. We’ve been in the business of water optimization for 43 years and are a trusted resource for countless Saratoga residents. From comprehensive house water filtration to reverse osmosis drinking systems, we’ve got a simple solution to cover your all of your water needs.

About Our Products

De Anza is an authorized dealer for Kinetico Water Systems, a renowned industry leader in water optimization technology. Every Kinetico product that we bring to market is certified by the Water Quality Association. Kinetico prides itself on crafting energy efficient products that use less water and less salt than other home water treatment systems. Furthermore, no Kinetico product will add a dime to your power bill, as they are all powered kinetically through your home or business’s natural water flow. Since 1970, Kinetico has manufactured its products in Newbury, OH, while distributing them to 100 countries around the globe. They are easy to use and are all sold with comprehensive warranties. Kinetico products work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and require minimal attention, no complex control panels or timers to tinker with. And if you need service of any kind, a De Anza technician is always just a phone call away.

Reverse Osmosis K5 from Kinetico

If you’re interested in maximizing the quality of your drinking water, then you’ll want to check out the K5 Reverse Osmosis System from Kinetico. The K5 purification apparatus removes more contaminants than any other similar product on the market.

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