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Hard Water in Los Altos

If you live in Los Altos, then you’re very likely to have a hard water problem. Some of the water used in Los Altos is derived from local ground water supplies, which tend to be harder than average.

Most of the Los Altos water is purchased from the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD). The SCVWD uses both its own local water supply, as well as water sourced from all over the region.

All water distributed via the SCVWD is sent through a treatment plant, but Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) — the mineral that makes water “hard”— isn’t reduced through treatment. The typical concentration of CaCO3 measured in the water departing the SCVWD’s treatment centers is between 135 and 150 mg of CaCO3 per liter of water, a measurement considered “Hard” by any standard (anything upwards of 180mg/L is considered “Very Hard”).

What It Costs You

Hard water can block your pipes and prematurely put your hot water heater out of commission. It can also dry out your skin and your hair and leave stains—hard white deposits—near your drains, in your shower, and on your glasses and stemware. Washing your clothes regularly with hard water will leave them dulled in color. Washing your car leaves stubborn water spots from the hard water. The negative effects of hard water in Los Altos are many, and, on the whole, can be quite expensive.

Life without Hard Water

Fortunately, simple solutions exist to turn hard water into soft water throughout your household. Combination softener-filters, reverse osmosis systems, and other water conditioning tools, are among our most common solutions that De Anza Water Conditioning provides to citizens of Los Altos. We’ve been providing homes in the Los Altos area with soft, contaminant free water has been our business since 1968. We’re family owned and operated, and we value our reputation in the community, so if you want straight answers, great products, and reasonable prices, then try us out for free — call 408-684-6873. We’re big believers in “try before you buy,” so we offer our customers a chance to set up our conditioning equipment in their homes before committing to a purchase.

Our Technology

We’re proud to be an authorized Los Altos dealer for Kinetico Water Systems, the industry leader in water conditioning technology. All of the Kinetico products we sell have earned the certification of the Water Quality Association. Not only do we work with the best equipment in the industry, but our service staff at De Anza prides itself on providing thorough, front to back implementation support for our customers. Fortunately, though, there’s not a lot to keep track of after installation is complete. Kinetico products are designed to be simple and efficient. They don’t use electricity but are designed to derive power from the kinetic flow of the water entering your household. You won’t see even the slightest uptick in your power bill. Another thing you won’t see is a confusing control panel or timers. Once installed, Kinetico water systems work automatically, 24/7.

Drinking Water Systems

The Kinetico K5 Reverse Osmosis System is more thorough than any other system on the market today when it comes to removing contaminants from your drinking water– such as chlorine and chloramine. The Kinetico K5 also filters out hexavalent chromium and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With a ten year warranty, the Kinetico K5 will ensure that you have the cleanest drinking water in all of Los Altos.

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