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How Good is Atherton Water?

In Atherton, a smaller percentage (approximately 20%) of your water supply comes from the Bear Gulch Reservoir, while a larger portion comes from the Hetch Hetchy. It’s also possible that your primary water source is a local well. Atherton water quality can vary wildly from street to street, even house by house.

Depending on your water source, your water may have an unpleasant smell or taste. The EPA overall water quality rating for Atherton is 45 out of 100 (with 100 being the best possible water quality).

Some Atherton water may be exceptionally hard —meaning high in calcium carbonate, magnesium, and even iron in some cases—which is evidenced by white deposits on your pipes, water heater, and on your dishware. If left unattended, hard water can create blockages in your pipes and can strain your appliances, shortening their longevity. Within a few short years, hard water can completely destroy your water heater.

Solutions Through De Anza

De Anza Water Conditioning offers home water filtration systems and drinking water systems, which can soften your water and provide your home with clean, fresh drinking water. As a family owned business, we seek to cultivate lasting positive relationships with both our customers and our partners. For over 40 years we’ve been an authorized and active dealer of Kinetico Water Systems, the industry’s leading water quality solutions provider. Our Kinetico partnership allows us to offer our local customers premium products, such as water softeners, water filters, and reverse osmosis drinking water systems, just to name a few.

Don’t Underestimate the Negative Impact of Hard Water

Oftentimes, it is difficult to recognize and assess the effects of regular hard water use. It might take the premature wreckage of a water heater or some other attention-grabbing, high cost calamity before a typical water consumer takes notice.

However, if you have an eye for detail, then you can spot the impacts of hard water usage in everyday household activity. In Atherton, washing your clothes with hard water can leave them dulled in color and more susceptible to wear and tear. Your bathtub and shower will be more likely to develop dirty rings and residues that are extremely difficult to clean. Even your own hair and skin will be duller, dryer, and less healthy looking over time.

Make Life Easier, Healthier, and More Beautiful

De Anza Water Conditioning, through a partnership with Kinetico, sells a combination water filter/softener that completely removes unwanted dissolved solids in Atherton water. In addition to removing the calcium and other minerals that cause hard water, the combination water filter/softener from Kinetico also removes chlorine and chloramine, which, like hard water, can fade clothes and dry out hair and skin.
The leading-edge, patented filtration and purifying solutions from Kinetico use no electricity, but instead draw from the kinetic energy (the flow) of the water being serviced. For such impressive systems, they are incredibly simple to use and require very little upkeep. Furthermore, the Kinetico systems are confidently sold alongside extremely thorough warranties. Should you encounter any problems with your equipment, you’ll never be without support.

Atherton’s Comprehensive Water Solutions Provider

Whether it’s hard water, cloudiness, odor, or sediment deposits, or even iron or sulfuric contaminants, De Anza Water Conditioning has an effective, simple, affordable, and guaranteed solution for you. We’re happy to offer free consultations and water tests in Atherton and the surrounding areas.

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