6 Ways To Drink More Water In The New Year

Our bodies are made up of primarily water. In fact, up to 65% of our total mass is generally attributed to water. Keeping properly hydrated is one key component to promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If “to drink more water” was on your New Year’s resolution list this year, now is the time to pump up your daily water amounts. Try to make it your personal goal to drink between .5 to 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight. Take a look at some of these ingenious water ideas and tips to increase your water intake throughout the day!

1. Add Some Flavor

Water itself isn’t the most exciting drink out there. In fact, though it has no inherent flavor by itself, many individuals report that they don’t like how it “tastes.” To combat this, simply flavor it with a healthy add-ins, like veggie slices, lemon, fresh fruit, or herbs – like mint or lavender. Keep it in the fridge in a pitcher and you’ll have delicious, flavored water ready and waiting for you.

2. Drink Water Before Meals

Prior to eating anything, add 8-12 ounces of water to your pre-meal routine to boost the amount of liquid you’re taking in each day. Not only is this a great way to further hydrate your system, but you may also find that drinking water before a meal may help curb the appetite and minimize overeating. Don’t stop drinking water once your meal is served, however! Consuming water during and after a meal helps liquify food, which allows your body to digest and absorb nutrients more easily. Just be sure not to chug, as drinking water too quickly while eating can result in an upset stomach.

3. Filter Your Water

Bottled water is expensive, and that can lead many of us to skip it in favor of another drink option. Instead, install a whole-house filtration system so you can drink more water right from the tap. This saves money, reinforces the importance of drinking fresh, clean water at home, and even delivers extra benefits in the form of longer-lasting appliances and fewer plumbing problems at home.

4. Eat More Water-Based Foods

Cucumber salad with tomatoes is packed with water, watermelon is essentially 92-95% water, and grapefruit ranks right up there with watermelon, in terms of water volume. Zucchini is one of the most water-rich vegetables around, and spinach is terrific, too. By eating more of these healthy foods, you’ll add hydration to your diet without having to drink more water.

5. Track Your Water via an App

While many of us find it perfectly acceptable to keep a mental tally of our water intake, there are those of us who prefer to let technology do the heavy lifting. In this case, download an app like Carbodroid, Daily Water Free, or My Fitness Pal to help track your fluid intake. Some of these will even remind you when it is time to reach for your water bottle. By manually taking note of how much you’re drinking per day, you can visualize how close you are to reaching your hydration goals throughout the day. Having a daily record can also help you identify problem areas throughout the week where you can focus your attention.

6. Wake-Up Hydration

Within 10 minutes of getting out of bed, reach for your bottle of purified water and consume 16-24 ounces before you start your morning routine. Studies show doing so can kick start your metabolism and purify your system, and you’ll be less likely to eat a big, heavy breakfast that can slow you down in the morning. Simply set up a bottle the night before so it is ready for you when you wake. Making efforts to drink more water doesn’t have to be a challenge. In fact, it will likely have you feeling so great you’ll wonder how you ever got by without your daily water plan in place. For more information about the benefits of purified water – and a way to improve the condition of your home’s water supply, contact the clean water experts at De Anza Water Conditioning today!