Why and How you Should Maintain your Kinetico Water Softener

If you live in a hard water area, you need to install and maintain a Kinetico water softener to counteract the problem. Failing to maintain properly may mean your water tastes and smells bad, clogs up your pipes and appliances with limescale, makes soap and detergents work less effectively, leaves your hair looking dull and can cause or aggravate skin problems. All Kinetico water softeners are designed and made to be reliable and require little maintenance. They’re also powered by kinetic energy, so they use no electricity and have fewer parts to go wrong. Nevertheless, some Kinetico water softener maintenance is necessary to ensure your equipment works at peak efficiency.

How to Undertake Kinetic Water Softener Maintenance

Kinetico water softeners contain resin beads that are charged with sodium ions. Hard water passes through these beads and exchanges its calcium and magnesium ions, which cause the hardness and produce limescale, with soft sodium ions. Eventually, the resin beads are loaded with calcium and magnesium ions that need to be cleaned off and replaced with sodium ions from a brine tank, the calcium and magnesium being flushed away in waste water together with the salt solution. To make this process work effectively and reliably, maintaining a Kinetico water softener is necessary although this is very simple and takes up little time. Required maintenance is as follows: Refill the brine tank with salt, which is necessary if salt is not visible above the water level. Before filling, you should empty, clean and sanitize the tank. This is essential to remove any dirt that may have accumulated since this may eventually block valves and prevent proper operation. Only use pure salt that is approved for the equipment rather than rock salt that will contain dirt and debris. You’ll normally use solar salt that is created by evaporating and recrystallizing saltwater. The alternative is pellet salt that’s also pure but contains a binder that may solidify in the tank and cause blockages. Refill with salt to the recommended level. Don’t overfill as this may cause hard salt bridges to form and these won’t dissolve. Change the pre-filter regularly. This prevents sediment from getting into the system, which may otherwise block the control valve and cause extensive damage. Rotate the bypass handle every few months to ensure it functions correctly. This may be needed to bypass or shut off the water, particularly when undertaking maintenance. Apply resin cleaner every year. This prevents a build-up of hardness in the resin tank so it works effectively.

Problems With Maintaining Kinetico Water Softener

Kinetico water softeners are extremely reliable and cause few problems. However, as with any type of equipment, things can go wrong occasionally and a maintenance for the Kinetico Water Softener might be needed. The system may become contaminated by substances present in the water supply and so may need to be thoroughly sanitized. Valves may become stuck, and leaks can occur. A flood detector can be fitted to alert for leaks although these are less likely than for other types of equipment. If you do have problems you can’t fix, call us out for an emergency repair. We can also arrange regular service and preventative maintenance that will keep your system running efficiently and avoid future problems. Not only that we do services, we are those water conditioning company that can supply water softener in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Jose, and more.