How do you Filter Sulfur and Iron from Well Water?

Sulfate is formed as a combination of sulfur and oxygen and occurs naturally in rock and soil formations. Together with hydrogen sulfide and iron, it can get into groundwater and, although low exposures aren’t harmful, high concentrations and prolonged exposure can be. Hydrogen sulfide is formed from the decomposition of organic matter helped by bacteria that flourish in deep wells. Its presence is indicated by a characteristic smell of rotten eggs from the resulting gas that is hazardous and flammable. Sulfur and iron in your water can also corrode fixtures, tarnish metal and stain clothes as well as taste bad so you need to organize iron and sulfur removal from well water without delay.

How to Remove Iron and Sulfur from Well Water

One way to avoid iron and sulfur in your well water is to install a new well that is shallower or deeper than the existing one. However, that requires expert help and a lot of effort, and is not guaranteed to produce the right results, so is best avoided. There are, however, better and easier methods of taking away sulfur and iron from well water: Add chlorine to the water. Chlorine is widely used by water companies to act as a highly effective disinfectant in municipal water. It can be applied directly to the well water in high concentrations and left for 24 hours to kill the bacteria. For more continuous treatment, use a contact tank to inject the chlorine into the water supply. You may then need a carbon filter to remove the chlorine once it’s done its job so the water is suitable for drinking and cooking. Ozone can be injected into the water using an ozone generator as a treatment prior to water filtration. It can deal with high concentrations of sulfur but is more expensive than other treatments. Aeration can reduce sulfur and iron to acceptable levels by converting them into solid particles that are then filtered out. Hydrogen peroxide, which is made up of hydrogen and oxygen and is therefore perfectly harmless, can be used to remove manganese as well as sulfur and iron. Backwashing filters are the most common method of removing sulfur and iron due to them being highly effective.

The Importance of Removing Sulfur and Iron from Well Water

If you depend on your well for drinking water and cooking, bathing and cleaning, you need it to be free from contaminants including sulfur and iron. We can help you to achieve that and the first step is to organize a test of your well water to find out what it contains. This will help us to identify the specific threats and decide on the best treatment. The most effective method is a whole house system that will treat your water at the point it enters your property so that all the water you use is free from iron, sulfur and any other contaminants you have. The system can comprise a combination of filters and other treatment methods that are designed to deal with different problems. If you have problems with your well water, get in touch today for advice on what you need to do, maybe you do to remove iron & sulfur from you well water. With our help, your water will taste sweet, smell fresh and be good for your overall health. as one of the best water conditioning company, De Anza Waters also supply various filters like iron filter for well waters, arsenic filters, and even acid neutralizer for well waters.