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Historical Victorian Apartment Complex

Project: Historical Victorian Apartment Complex, 6 units, San Jose, CA   Problem: 25 grains per gallon (GPG) of hard water would, over time, destroy boilers, pipes, and fixtures at this 6-unit apartment complex. While chloramine (a chemical compound made of chlorine and ammonia) is used to disinfect our water supply, residents would suffer from brittle hair and dry skin because of it. They would also notice the efficiency of their water-using appliances starting to wane, leaving not just hard water stainsbut food remnants on their glassware and flatware. As some companies do not fully honor warranties if a water softener is not installed, tenants would have to foot the bill when their expensive appliances like — water heaters, boilers, dishwashers, and washing machines begin to malfunction. By installing a water softener at the complex, it enhances the value of a resident’s experience and reduces maintenance costs.   Solution: De Anza Water Conditioning installed a Kinetico CP Series commercial-grade water softener in order to protect thfacility’s pipes, fixtures, and costly appliances. Delivering 28 to 40 gallons of soft water per minute, the system is assured to provide ample volume to meet the needs of residents — even during peak periods of demand. The patented, twin-tank system will provide an uninterrupted flow of soft water 24/7 without hard water breakthrough even during regeneration. This non-electric, small-footprint system is ideal for the drought-stricken Bay Area as it utilizes 1/3 less salt and water than any other system on the market.   Plumbing: Our technicians ran an additional 40 feet of one-inch copper pipe to connect to the system which was situated on the right side of the apartment complex. In order to comply with earthquake safety measures, the technicians employed struts to secure the units in place. The project was completed in one day, enabling residents to enjoy the benefits of soft water almost immediately.