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How Plastic Water Bottle Waste Affects The Environment

The production, consumption, and disposal of plastic water bottles around the world has had devastating impacts on the environment. Annually, 167 water bottles are disposed per person. One water bottle can take up to 450 years or more to decompose completely, which means for at least

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Use Reverse Osmosis To Purify Drinking Water

We often assume that the water pouring out of our faucets and shower heads is clean, disinfected and generally safe to drink.  According to the New York Times, a report released May 2, 2017 by the Natural Resources Defense Council, a watchdog in the water safety field,

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Why Remove Chlorine From Water?

The first application of chlorine being used to clean the public water supply was in 1908 in the city of Chicago. Back then, typhoid fever and cholera were rampant, and the water supply was, unfortunately, a swift carrier of disease among inner-city residents. Since then,

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What Is Your Water Problem?

Trust what you see, smell and taste—but there’s more The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tests water for less than two dozen different contaminants, but there are thousands of other known contaminants that could impact your water.  You just don’t know about them, and

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