Boulder Ridge Golf Club

Project: Boulder Ridge Golf Club, San Jose, CA Problem: Hard water, at 31 grains per gallon (GPG), would have disastrous impacts on the club and its facilities. Pipes and fixtures in the Club would get destroyed by such hard water. The water would also cause issues for the Clubs’ restaurant as hard water will leave glassware and flatware looking spotted and etched. A build-up in limescale will also affect the efficiency of water-using appliances such as boilers, dishwashers, washing machines, and fixtures. By softening the water at the Club, the property along with its costly appliances are now protected. Solution: Our technicians at De Anza Water Conditioning installed a Kinetico CP Series commercial-grade water softener to provide soft water to the club. This reliable system will deliver 35 to 47 gallons of soft water per minute without interruption or hard water breakthrough even during regeneration. This patented, non-electric Kinetico system efficiently utilizes water and salt — approximately 1/3 less than the competition — hence, enabling it to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership.