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Do You Have Hard Or Soft Water In Your Home?

If you have hard water in your home, you will notice a few telltale signs:  Lime-scale deposit on your faucets, dingy clothing, scratchy towels, difficulty generating soap lather, or spots on your dishes.  Hard water can cause insidious, invisible damage to your pipes,


Use Reverse Osmosis To Purify Drinking Water

We often assume that the water pouring out of our faucets and shower heads is clean, disinfected and generally safe to drink.  According to the New York Times, a report released May 2, 2017 by the Natural Resources Defense Council, a watchdog in the water safety field,


Why You Need A Water Softener For Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a time to dust off the winter blues by discarding or donating unused household items, eliminating clutter, and completing projects that can beautify and protect your home. We clean every part of our homes that are visible to ourselves and guests, but

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