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Debunking the Myth Behind Foot-Bath Detoxification

Foot detoxification is increasingly regarded as an effective way to remove toxins from your body.  Impurities in the air, chemicals in your home, and beauty products can all be classified as potential contaminants.  The procedure supposedly draws out toxins from your body through your feet,


Is Bottled Water Healthier Than Tap Water?

The bottled water market is growing, big corporations are investing in it, and the cost-per-gallon is higher than tap water, but does it deliver the health benefits people believe? Let’s explore. The market IS growing.  We drink more bottled water than any other country in


Alkaline Water: Fad Or Fact?

Alkaline water built its brand based on the concept that high acidity in our body and blood is the reason for ill health and diseases therefore; our bodies will be healthier if H2O is more basic. Its pH level which ranges from 8 to 9

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