Balmoral Project SJ

Project:  Balmoral Apartments, 42 units, San Jose, CA Problem:  Hard water, at 16 grains, which would, over time, destroy boilers, pipes, fixtures, granite and marble surfaces at this 42-unit apartment complex.  The hard water would also cause problems for tenants who want to protect their hair, skin, clothes, glassware, and flatware.  The hard water would also negatively impact the performance of residents’ dishwashers and washing machines, whose warranties are often not fully honored if a water softener is not in place.  By softening the water at this facility, it enhances the value of a resident’s experience and reduces maintenance costs. Solution:  De Anza Water Conditioning placed a Kinetico CP Series commercial-grade water softener ahead of the hot and cold water sources to provide soft water to the entire building.  This robust system is able to deliver 74 to 90 gallons of soft water per minute on a 24/7 basis, without interruption or hard water breakthrough during regeneration.  The Kinetico solution also features a highly efficient use of salt and water, making it ideal for areas that suffer drought conditions, and it is the most cost-effective solution on the market today. Plumbing:  The De Anza Water Conditioning technicians built a three-inch manifold and ran lines through pipe hangers to connect the softener to the three-inch copper pipes at the designated area.  As shown, the technicians secured the units using strut to comply with earthquake safety measures.  The job was completed within one day, and the customer was able to enjoy the benefits of soft water almost immediately.