Alexander’s Steakhouse

Project: Alexander’s Steakhouse, Cupertino, CA Problem: At 14 grains per gallon, the steakhouse had extremely hard water flowing through their pipes. The hard water would clog up the restaurant’s pipes, damage its water-using appliances, ruin its fixtures, stain their glassware and flatware. Thousands of dollars have been poured into purchasing expensive boilers and dishwashers, but even more money could be spent maintaining them or even replacing them as their efficiency wanes due to hard water. With noticeable hard water stains and food remnants remaining on the dishes, employees’ time would be wasted hand washing and wiping them. By installing a water softener, money, time, and detergent will no longer be wasted. Solution: Alexander’s Steakhouse had a Kinetico CP Series commercial-grade water softener installed to protect their pipes, fixtures, and appliances. This sturdy machine can produce up to 40 gallons of soft water per minute without disruption or hard water breakthrough even during regeneration. As all patented, non-electric Kinetico solutions do, this water softener optimally utilizes salt and water — approximately 1/3 less than the competition — therefore, is the perfect system for a drought-stricken area.