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If you live in Sunnyvale, you likely receive water from one of three major sources: a working local ground well; the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, imported from the Central Valley Project and Delta Water from Santa Clara Water District; or Sunol Valley Water Supply from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

Depending on the source of your Sunnyvale water, you could experience elevated levels of dissolved solids in your water— also known as hard water. Or, you may have water that needs to be filtered or disinfected.

Do I have hard water in Sunnyvale?

If your water comes from a local ground well in Sunnyvale or from the Sunol Valley Water Supply, you probably have very hard water. According to the city of Sunnyvale’s 2014 Water Quality Report, both water sources have hard water, and local ground well water is significantly hard at 310 mg/L (in which any test over 180 mg/L is considered “very hard”).

Hard water consists of large amounts of magnesium and calcium. It can have a foul odor and will affect your entire home if left unchecked. Have you ever had a hard time scrubbing scum off your shower door or removing the “ring” off your bathtub? How about haziness on your glassware, dishes, and silverware? These are all signs of hard water. Hard water can also negatively affect your home by harming plumbing pipes and fixtures, and it can lead to poor performance from and a shorter lifespan of appliances.

How is Sunnyvale water disinfected?

All municipal water is treated with a disinfectant. In that way, residents must cope with hard water and chemicals. Today, most water is disinfected with chloramines, a compound consisting of chlorine and ammonia. Chloramine can have an unpleasant taste, and it is unsafe to drink for those who are on dialysis or suffer a suppressed immune system. Additionally, chloramine degrades rubber plumbing parts and, in certain concentrations, is suspected of causing pinhole leaks in copper pipes.

Every five years, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission releases an update on the sanitation of the Hetch Hetchy Watershed, a portion of which supplies the city of Sunnyvale. The most recent survey, released in 2011, showed that animals and livestock as well as human activities may all be potential sources of pollution to the Watershed.

However, most concerning is a public notice in 2016 regarding a potential contamination of the water in Sunnyvale. In March 2016, one of the main water suppliers to Sunnyvale experienced an operational error that sent raw, unfiltered water into contact with already-treated water. Although not considered a water emergency, a formal public notice was posted as it could have reached residential homes.

How can I prevent hard water and water contamination in my home?

The good news is that there is an answer, and home or office water treatment in Sunnyvale is easily managed and quite effective when you partner with the professionals.

Water conditioning filters and softens your water. A customized system can soften the water and remove chloramines, so you are not drinking them or bathing in them. Proper water treatment will remove unpleasant taste, odors, and discoloration; enable appliances to operate at their maximum output; remove rings around the bathtub and spots on the shower doors and dishes; and clothes become brighter and whiter. You will use one-third the soap and cleaning agents. Plus, you’ll witness softer and healthier looking skin and hair when you install a water softener.

Now is the time to ensure soft, filtered water at home or in the office. De Anza Water Conditioning will come directly to your location and provide a free test of your water.


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