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Scotts Valley, CA

Scotts Valley residents comes mainly from groundwater stored in the Santa Margarita Basin. Your water supply comes from deep wells, which is known to be responsible for very hard water. Hard water is composed of magnesium and calcium, which deposit and harden to damage faucets, sinks, showers, water heaters, dish washers, and any water-using appliances. Dull and limp hair, along with dry skin, are common side effects of hard water. In addition to hard water, Scotts Valley’s Water District uses chlorine to disinfect city water supplies. Chlorine, like hard water, is known to effect skin and hair as well as degrade rubber parts on appliances.

We at De Anza Water Conditioning have solutions to your problem water. A family-owned business and an authorized dealer of Kinetico Water Systems for over 40 years, we sell, install, and service water softeners, water filters, and reverse osmosis drinking water systems for residents and businesses in Scotts Valley and surrounding areas. We chose to represent Kinetico Water Systems because they are the best. Since 1970, Kinetico Water Systems have been manufactured in Newbury, Ohio, from the most advanced facility of its kind and distributed to more than 100 countries worldwide.

Superior Water Softeners and Filters in Scotts Valley

Backed by superior Kinetico products, De Anza Water Conditioning has been around for over 40 years. We carry top-of-the line water systems capable of providing 24/7, uninterrupted, high flowing, soft water without the use of electricity. Kinetico water softeners carry many patents and are designed to be 2 systems in 1. While softening water, the system also uses Sulfaban™, a catalytic carbon filter that removes odors and chloramine. Additionally, Kinetico water softeners carry a comprehensive 10-year warranty and are certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA) for longevity and performance in accordance with applicable industry standards.

Pure, Clean Drinking Water with Reverse Osmosis Technology

Kinetico’s advanced K5 Drinking Water Station uses reverse osmosis technology to remove more contaminants than any other drinking water system on the market, and it is certified to do so by the Water Quality Association (WQA). Whether you are on a well or city water, the Kinetico K5 filters out volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, carcinogens like hexavalent chromium, as well as pesticides, paints, cleaning supplies, and other chemicals that are hard to pronounce and spell. If you are concerned about the quality of your drinking water, you need to invest in a high-quality drinking water system right away. The Kinetico K5 can deliver up to 40 gallons of clean, safe drinking water a day from a lead-free faucet. One of the best features is the “smart” filters, which let you know when they need to be changed. You can enjoy great-tasting water today.

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