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How Hard is the Water in Redwood City?

Though the water in Redwood City, on average, is only moderately hard, some residents may find calcium carbonate concentrations (the primary chemical compound which causes hard water) of up to 93 parts per million (PPM) in their water. 93 ppm isn’t outrageous, but when you consider that the average chlorate content in the Redwood City water supply averages 11 ppm, then it’s quite possible that you may have both moderately hard water and an unpleasant taste to boot. Not the ideal situation.

If you’re getting your water from one of the 800,000 private wells in California, then you’ll not likely have any chlorate in your water, but you’re more likely to have foul smelling or visibly contaminated water.

Whatever your water troubles, De Anza Water Conditioning can help you create a home or business water supply that’s clean, great tasting, and easy on your pipes and appliances.

Who We Are

De Anza Water Conditioning has been doing business in Redwood City and the surrounding communities since 1968. For nearly all that time, we’ve been privileged to be an authorized dealer for Kinetico Water Systems, a technology leader in the field of combination water filters/softeners and reverse osmosis drinking water systems. Kinetico has been developing and producing water optimizing products since 1970. All Kinetico products are manufactured in Newbury, Ohio, and come with high caliber certifications from both the Water Quality Association. As a long-time authorized dealer for Kinetico, the mission of De Anza is two-fold: we equip our customers with the industry’s best filtering systems, softeners, and drinking water systems, and, secondly, we provide reliable, attentive service for our customers with regard to the installation and servicing of these water optimizing utilities. The products we sell are all fully warrantied and work on their own, 24/7, without interruption. There are no complex controls or timers to worry about.

Redwood City Reverse Osmosis Systems

If your main concern is high-quality drinking water for your home or business, then you’ll want to check out Kinetico’s K5 Reverse Osmosis drinking water system. Backed by a 10-year warranty, the K5 is the industry’s leading reverse osmosis system, proven to eliminate more contaminants than any other comparable product on the market, while delivering up to 40 gallons of safe, clean drinking water to your home or business daily. This powerful system removes all traces of pesticides, paints, cleaning supplies, as well as volatile organic compounds. And it’s not difficult to use. The K5 is equipped with “smart filters” that will alert you when they need to be changed.

Redwood City Whole House Water Filters

Our Whole House Water Filters use a catalytic carbon filter to get rid of odors as well as chloramine. Whole house filtration can extend the life of your plumbing hardware, as it eliminates chloramine, a corrosive agent that can destroy your rubber plumbing components. The catalytic carbon filter will also remove iron and any visible sediment from your water. Our filters don’t take up a lot of space and are completely non-electric. They derive all of their power from the kinetic energy of the water flow, which is one of the reasons that Kinetico filters are known for having the lowest cost of ownership among water conditioning systems. Get a Free Consultation and Water Test

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