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Water quality in Morgan Hill is some of the most challenging in the Bay Area – whether it is sourced from the city or a well. Its hardness is destructive to appliances, pipes, tile, stemware, and glassware. It is hard to clean with it, leaving behind a hardened residue of calcium carbonate (white rock). And the water doesn’t taste very good with its high content of chlorine, which cities use to disinfect the water. Your “working water” and drinking water could use some help. For over 43 years, De Anza Water Conditioning has served customers in Morgan Hill, delivering the best service and water treatment systems around.

We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Kinetico Water Systems, which are manufactured in the United States since 1970. Kinetico’s patented technology is built into its unique, non-electric, highly efficient, high-flow water softeners, water filters, and reverse osmosis drinking water systems to deliver the highest-quality water you will find. All of Kinetico’s products are certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA).

Not All Water Treatment Systems Are Created Equal

All water treatment systems are not created equal. You may already know that, through personal experience. In some cases, water flow may be impeded. In others, you find you are using too much water or salt every month, and the water is still not soft. Or maybe the quality of the filtered drinking water is not as you expected. You don’t have to worry about any of those concerns if you contact De Anza Water Conditioning, a local, family-owned business serving customers in Morgan Hill.

It pays to work with a local company that is equipped to handle a wide variety of water quality concerns. And it pays to get the best solution for your problem. Kinetico water treatment systems are truly unique. They are simple, and they offer the most comprehensive warranties in the industry-that’s how trustworthy their equipment is. With De Anza Water Conditioning, you can try it before you buy it, so just give us a call for a free water test.

Water Filter or Combination Water Softener/Filter? That is the Question

If your water comes from the city, you will want to soften it and remove the chlorine, a chemical that degrades the resin, which is your softening media. Chlorine also adds an unpleasant taste to water, is harsh on hair and skin, and corrodes rubber parts around your plumbing. It’s useful for disinfectant purposes, but you don’t want to ingest it if you don’t have to. De Anza Water Conditioning has a solution, a combination carbon pre-filter and softer that solves your problem. Manufactured by Kinetico, is has a small footprint, so it doesn’t take up too much space. It is highly efficient, so it gives you a high flow rate, and you use less water and salt (or potassium) than any other water softener on the market. And it is non-electric, so there are no power costs, and you never have to mess with complicated computer controls. It simply delivers filtered, soft water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Without interruption. You will love its simplicity and effectiveness.
If you source your water from a well, you do not need to remove chlorine, but you may need to remove sediment, iron, sulphur, or other objectionable contaminants from your water. Like the combination water filter/softener mentioned above, our Kinetico water filters are non-electric, highly efficient, and trouble free, able to deliver filtered water 24/7.

Purified Drinking Water Using Reverse Osmosis Technology

You can count on De Anza Water Conditioning to provide you with top-of-the-line drinking water systems. Using reverse osmosis technology, the Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station is the most advanced system available for producing clean, safe, good tasting drinking water down to the last drop. The K5 is not only able to produce up to 40 gallons of clean, filtered water everyday but is also equipped with an indicator to signal a filter change. Enjoy clean, great-tasting water now.

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If you are located in or near Morgan Hill, we will be happy to assist you with your water softener and water treatment needs. De Anza Water Conditioning sells, installs, and services Kinetico Water Systems, the most highly rated water treatment systems on the market. With the most comprehensive warranties, Kinetico systems offer the lowest total cost of ownership.

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