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Los Gatos has long enjoyed the use of a local water supply in the form of the Los Gatos Creek Watershed, which is fed by the Lexington Reservoir just south of town.
The watershed accounts for about 80% of the town’s water supply, while much of the remaining supply is sourced from the Santa Clara Valley Water District (SCVWD)—though it’s formally “provided” by the San Jose Water Company. It’s also very possible in Los Gatos (or in neighboring Monte Sereno) that your water source is a local well. In either case, there’s a good chance that the water you get in Los Gatos contains high concentrations of Calcium Carbonate — CaCO3. CaCO3 is what makes water “hard.”

Hard water, though safe to drink, can cause strain, wear, and tear on your pipes and appliances. If you’re getting your water through a local well, then you may notice visible sediment and a strange taste. Such phenomena are likely the result of iron, sulfur, or other contaminants. If your water is coming through the city, then it’s being treated with chlorine or chloramine (an ammonia derivative) which causes an unpleasant, pungent taste.

Your Local Water Experts

Over the course of 43 years now, De Anza has done business in Los Gatos and in the surrounding communities. We know the challenges faced by consumers seeking both soft water and water suitable to drink. As you may know, hard water can shorten the life of expensive appliances, such as your hot water heater. It can also clog your pipes, restricting the flow of your water, and necessitating timely repairs that may require pricey professional labor. Hard water is also prone to leaving white deposits on your fixtures and smears on your glassware, which are very difficult to clean. Washing your clothes with hard water will cause them to quickly fade in color and can be damaging to the fabric.
At De Anza Water Conditioning, we specialize in whole house water filtration and softening. Whether your main concern is softening your water, eliminating contaminants, or filtering out chlorine and chloramine, we’ll be able to fit you with an easy-to-use solution. No complex control panels or timers, our products are stress free and energy efficient, powered by the kinetic energy from your water flow. All of our filtering systems, softeners, and reverse osmosis drinking water systems are manufactured in Newbury Ohio, by industry-leader Kinetico. Kinetico’s products are certified by the Water Quality Association.

Whole House Filtration

We want our Los Gatos customers to have access to clean, soft water throughout their homes or businesses. This is why we specialize in Whole House Water Filtration that eliminates all odors, visible sediments, as well as chlorine and chloramine from your water supply. Our Whole House Water Filtration system uses catalytic carbon as a filtering tool and can not only get rid of any bad smells and tastes but can also preserve the life of your household rubber plumbing components, which are subject to corrosion from chloramine.

Try it Before You Buy It

All of our water filters, softeners, and reverse osmosis drinking systems come with comprehensive multi-year warranties. De Anza is a family-owned business, and we pride ourselves on responding quickly should you have any service needs post-implementation. To show you how confident we are in our products, we offer all Los Gatos customers a free consultation and water test, as well as the opportunity to try out our products before buying.

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