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Why You Need A Water Softener For Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a time to dust off the winter blues by discarding or donating unused household items, eliminating clutter, and completing projects that can beautify and protect your home. We clean every part of our homes that are visible to ourselves and guests, but


6 Ways To Drink More Water In The New Year

Our bodies are made up of primarily water. In fact, up to 65% of our total mass is generally attributed to water. Keeping properly hydrated is one key component to promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If "to drink more water" was on


Why Remove Chlorine From Water?

The first application of chlorine being used to clean the public water supply was in 1908 in the city of Chicago. Back then, typhoid fever and cholera were rampant, and the water supply was, unfortunately, a swift carrier of disease among inner-city residents. Since then,

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